Humble Bundle Offers Pay What You Want Visual Novel Bundle

(Photo: 07th Expansion)

A new offering this week from Humble Bundle brings together several visual novel titles from horror, slice of life and other genres in a pay-what-you-want donation to charity. Like some of its other tiered bundles, customers are given suggested amounts to pay with added bonuses for each tier.

The visual novel pack works in a similar way, but offers games by-episode, which is a pretty smart idea given that most visual novels are split up into different episodes or chapters. The bundle features several famous visual novel titles, including the deceptive horror Higurashi, Go! Go! Nippon, If My Heart Had Wings and Love Kami: Useless Goddess. Along with the individual episodes, bonuses are available in the form of soundtrack for three of the games included in the bundle. In total, the bundle contains about $139 in games and add-ons.

The bundle's proceeds will go to the Comic Book League Defense Fund and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. So far, over 45,000 bundles have sold in a spirited collaboration between Hunble Bundle and Manga Gamer.

It's honestly a steal if only for the fact that $10 buys you the entirety of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, which gained so much popularity that it launched a franchise that included an anime. Eventually, developers 07th Expansion followed up with the supernaturally chilling Umineko: When They Cry, which also spun off into a massively popular anime series. The studio's last visual novel release, Trianthology: Sanmenkyō no Kuni no Alice, didn't see quite the explosive fanbase, but Higurashi still holds up as an extremely engaging title and remains a memorable flagship entry for the franchise.

The sale only lasts for another nine days, so get on it before it's gone via the offical Humble Bundle website. All of the games are available via Steam key on PC.