Twitch Bans Controversial Game From Streaming

Believe it or not, you aren’t able to just stream any video game that you want on Twitch. The streaming platform has long had a list of prohibited games that aren’t allowed to be played without risk of an account suspension. And while it’s a rare day when new games join this ever-growing list, one of the past week’s most notorious games has now been ruled out by Twitch.

HuniePop 2, the sequel to the notorious 2015 release, just launched last week on PC and it has already been banned by the powers that be over at Twitch. If you’re not familiar with what HuniePop is, it’s a game that is part dating sim, part puzzler. It has gameplay mechanics similar to those that you would find in a game like Candy Crush, but when it comes to the dating sim aspects, HuniePop can get rather risque, to say the least. In fact, it’s rated as an “Adult Only” title due to the nudity and sexual content that it contains.

To see HuniePop 2 joining this list of prohibited games on Twitch isn’t much of a shock, to be honest. The first game in the series has already been on this list for years at this point so to see Twitch quickly add its sequel to that slate is well-expected. In fact, Twitch bans pretty much any game that ends up with an Adult Only rating. A handful of exclusions are present, however, with the most notable being for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

As mentioned, Twitch’s list of banned games is pretty small, especially when compared to the number of video games that are able to be played at any given time. In its entirety, the list of games that streamers can’t play before a live audience is right around 50 titles. Many of them have been banned for the same reason as HuniePop 2 due to sexual content that may be present.

Are you surprised to see HuniePop 2 being banned on Twitch in this manner? Be sure to give me your thoughts down in the comments.