Id Software's Unannounced "Project 2021B" Gets a Rating

Id Software, the ZeniMax-owned developer best known for its work on the Quake and Doom games, has [...]

Id Software, the ZeniMax-owned developer best known for its work on the Quake and Doom games, has a new project in the works that's now been rated by the Australian Classification Board. That project is being referred to as "Project 2021B" right now in an apparent effort to keep things under wraps with not much known about the classification being an M rating it's been assigned and some context on why it got that rating.

The unannounced game in question can be seen here through the Australian Classification Board which lists ZeniMax Europe as the publisher and id Software as the "Author," or "developer" in this case. The game's M rating is owed to its use of violence with the typical disclaimer about online interactions added in, too.

This isn't the only project of its kind from id Software that's been spotted through this sort of classification system. As the project's name implies, there is indeed a "Project 2021A," too, a game which got its rating back in January. When you compare the ratings for the two and why they got those ratings, Project 2021A got an R18+ rating meaning it's intended for people aged 18 and up while the Project 2021B's M rating means it's recommended for those 15 and up. Project 2021A's violence was rated as having a "High impact" on the rating with the game's themes not far behind, so whatever the Project 2021A is, it's more violent than the Project 2021B product that's just been discovered.

That doesn't really help much in the way of predicting what the games might be, however, since id Software's games are pretty violent in nature as it is. The two best guesses for what one or both of these projects could pertain to are that the listings have something to do with either the Quake or Doom series. Remasters, VR versions, sequels, or other types of releases are all valid guesses, but nothing's known for sure right now.

What we do know is that Bethesda's QuakeCon event is coming up in August. It'll be a digital event again, so nobody will be attending in person, but that just means everyone gets to watch the announcements roll in from the comfort of their homes. QuakeCon encompasses more than just Quake alone and has featured Fallout, Doom, and other series in the past, so we'll likely learn something more about these unannounced projects some time around August 19th when the event begins.