Injustice 2: New Clues Point to Constantine as DLC

We're seeing a few clues that may indicate that Constantine is coming to Injustice 2 in the future [...]

We're seeing a few clues that may indicate that Constantine is coming to Injustice 2 in the future as a DLC character. We're trying not to get too excited, because absolutely nothing has been confirmed, but once you see what we're about to show you we think that you'll get excited as well.

constantine hero card

You see that? That right here is a hero card. As you play through Injustice 2 -- completing the story, winning matches, leveling up, opening mother boxes -- one of the main rewards you'll receive are new hero cards. These are basically identity cards that will show up beside your name in your profile and when you go online, and there are a ton to unlock, all featuring different characters from the game. This particular hero card was reportedly received after a lucky Reddit user opened up a golden mother box.

It's not conclusive by any means, but it is curious. Fans have been very vocal in their desire to see Constantine added to the Injustice 2 roster, and this could be proof that NetherRealm plans to make those dreams come true. If Constantine makes the cut, then he'll become an instant favorite for many. It's nice to know that we can unlock a hero card to prepare for that day. We're not done, though. There's another image that may excite you guys even more, because it shows that Constantine has already made his way into an Injustice 2 single-player mode.

constantine multiverse

Imgur user "Scoxim" uploaded a few shots to their account showing off a very unique Multiverse challenge. The challenge is summarized as follows: "A plant demon has infected the Green of Earth 2748, corrupting Swamp Thing. Apprehend Swamp Thing so the Justice League Dark can restore his sanity. John Constantine will assist you via the Multiverse Portal."

The image you see above is John Constantine's assistance. Below your health meter you'll notice a small image of a lighter. When it's full, your assist is ready. Once you trigger the assist, a magical glyph will appear the feet of your opponent and then erupt into flame, as seen here. Thanks Constantine, now let's see you do it in person!

What do you guys think? Is NetherRealm Studios laying the groundwork for an eventual Constantine reveal, or are we reading way too deeply into this? Seriously, what do you think? Weigh in on the poll below: