Try 'Injustice 2' on Xbox One Right Now for Free

Injustice 2 has been out for over a year now, and it’s stirred up the fighting community [...]

Injustice 2 has been out for over a year now, and it's stirred up the fighting community something fierce. Not only has it given the developers of the Mortal Kombat franchise (NetherRealm Studios) another hit fighter to lean upon, but it's added all sorts of great guest stars, including Hellboy and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

But if you still haven't hopped on board or had a chance to check the game out, you've got another chance to do so on the house.

The official Injustice 2 Twitter account has recently noted that a free trial is king off for this weekend over on Xbox One. Though no specific dates were given in regards to the trial, it appears that it's going to be available for at least the next few days. You can see the tweet for yourself below.

You can download it now and get in on the fighting action without paying a cent, though it looks like it's just for the standard version. The game itself is currently selling for $24, or you can upgrade to the Legendary Edition for just $6 more. You can also buy a number of add-ons as well, including Red Hood and Hellboy, for a discounted rate; and the Ultimate Pack can also be yours for $20, in case you want to add some additional gear to your growing collection.

It's unknown if WB Games will be offering a similar trial to PlayStation 4 and PC owners, but hopefully we'll see something along those lines. Those folks deserve to have fun with a fighting game, too.

We checked out Injustice 2 last year and found it to be a top-notch fighter, just as good as NetherRealm's previous releases. And the fact that the add-ons have expanded the roster immensely makes it that much more playable. There's a reason the game was a top draw at EVO earlier this month; and why it's likely to show up again next year, despite the lack of a Season 2 roster (for now, anyway).

Injustice 2: Legendary Edition is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.