INSIDE Collector's Edition Announced by iam8bit in Partnership With PlayDead and RealDoll

In a surprising move, iam8bit, a renowned retailer for all things nerdy with a peculiar twist, has announced an INSIDE Collector's Edition that will be available soon. The kicker? They are teaming up with RealDoll, a company known for their ... erm, adult themed products.

You'll notice that we said they announced it, not that they revealed it. That's because, well ... they didn't actual reveal anything other than an animated blind box, a vague description, and a hefty price tag. The collector's edition will set you back $375, but you can't know what's in it. At least not yet. They definitely have our interest though, because the RealDoll partnership is something we don't think anyone would have predicted.

RealDoll is best known for making life-sized sex dolls that are insanely realistic, and very creepy. Using PVC skeletons, steel joints, and realistic flesh made out of silicone ... OK, Playdead, what are you up to?!

We weren't the only ones hesitantly excited/nervous about what this means:

As far as the official product description goes:

  • Limited Timed Release
  • Definitely Includes: INSIDE PS4 game disc (Region Free - Worldwide Compatibility)
  • Also Includes: INSIDE and LIMBO Steam Codes (emailed after purchase)
  • Also Includes: Other Stuff

Helpful, guys. It even says on the deception that "no matter how hard you try, we won't tell you" regarding the contents. An interesting marketing technique and one that undoubtedly work for some, but $375 dollars is a lot of money to toss in the direction of a blind box.

The INSIDE Collector's Edition will be extremely limited in quantity and once they are sold out, they are one. It's a timed release. Pre-orders begin on March 8th at 7 AM PST and will be cut off permanently on June 8th, 2018. If this strikes your fancy, check out the official listing here.