Apple Leak Reveals iPhone XI Could Transform Gaming

With a complete redesign coming in 2020, the excitement around the 2019 iPhone release has been infinitesimal, with Apple previously only divulging minor design changes and plans for price cuts. But now, courtesy of a new scoop from Bloomberg, we know a little bit more about Apple's upcoming iPhone, and the details may finally garner some excitement.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Sony has revealed that's working with Apple to integrate a new long distance 3D camera into the upcoming slew of iPhones that will not only transform photography, but gaming.

"Cameras revolutionized phones, and based on what I've seen, I have the same expectation for 3D [cameras]," said Satoshi Yoshihara, head of Sony's sensor division, while speaking to Bloomberg.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is interesting in incorporating this brand-new tech into its future phones. Meanwhile, the aforementioned Yoshihara has confirmed that the cameras are ready for the commercial space. More specifically, Yoshihara relays that Sony will have front and rear-facing 3D cameras in mass production in late summer in order to meet consumer demand in the fall and holiday season. In other words, right in time for the next release of iPhones, which will hit that September.

What sets Sony's 3D camera apart from similar cameras made by its competitors is that it uses "Time of Flight" technology, which was previously not available to consumers in any capacity. Basically, this feature emits laser pulses the naked eye can't see that measure the time before they bounce back off an object. By doing this, a 3D model of the object or objects can be built up to five metres away.

For the purposes of photography, it will improve camera focus, and essentially bring every part of a picture into focus almost instantly. Further, taking photos at night will be easier.

Meanwhile, for the purpose of gaming, Sony's long distance 3D cameras can be deployed to map rooms and objects for AR and VR experiences, the latter particularly relevant given its PlayStation brand is now in the VR business with the PlayStation VR. Further, the cameras can be used to map users, which will allow for gaming environment manipulation.


All of this is to say, maybe there's finally a reason to be excited about the upcoming slew of iPhones?