John Mulaney Returns as Spider-Ham in Marvel Contest of Champions

Comedian John Mulaney will reprise his role as Spider-Ham in Kabam's Marvel Contest of Champions [...]

Comedian John Mulaney will reprise his role as Spider-Ham in Kabam's Marvel Contest of Champions mobile game. The actor brought the anthropomorphic pig to life in 2018's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and is set to return as the character when Spider-Ham joins the fighting game in December. In the game, players will also be able to take part in the "Framed by Fame" Event Quest, as well as "John Mulaney's Champion Challenge," where they'll be tasked with taking on a number of different heroes and villains hand-selected (or is that hoof-selected?) by Mulaney himself! New players that join the game between December 7th and the 31st will also be able to get a 2-Star Spider-Ham for free.

To promote Mulaney and Spider-Ham appearing in the game, Kabam and Marvel have released an all-new motion comic, which can be found embedded below.

The video features some brief cameo appearances from characters such as Miles Morales, Peter Parker, Venom, and more. After coming into conflict with various threats to the multiverse, Spider-Ham discovers that Mojo is looking for someone to fill out a new time slot that's just opened up. Clearly unfamiliar with the sinister workings of the Mojoverse, Spider-Ham contemplates joining Mojo's line-up. As he wonders how to do so, one of Mojo's nearby cameras watches the hero with interest.

In addition to the free 2-Star Spider-Ham for new players, all players of the game can get a free digital copy of Spider-Ham #1 between December 1st and the 31st. For those that haven't gotten to know the character quite as well, this could present the perfect opportunity!

Debuting in 1983, Spider-Ham was little more than a punch-line for the majority of the character's appearances. The Spider-Verse crossover and the Into the Spider-Verse film propelled the character into the public consciousness, and Mulaney's role played a big part in that. Having the comedian appear in Marvel Contest of Champions will only serve to increase the character's current prominence, and it might even convince some fans of the movie to give the mobile game a try!

Marvel Contest of Champions is currently available on Android and iOS devices.

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