Just Cause 4 Confirmed Via Steam Leak

Oh, pre-E3 leaks. How you entertain us.The latest game that has been inadvertently revealed before [...]

Just Cause 3

Oh, pre-E3 leaks. How you entertain us.

The latest game that has been inadvertently revealed before its official debut next week is from Square Enix. And while it may not be as hotly anticipated as, say, its Avengers projects, it is a game that will likely send open-world players into full swing.

Per this report from Gematsu, a pre-leak from the news page of a Steam client has leaked the first image for Just Cause 4, the latest entry in Square Enix's action series. The image below is really all we have at this point, as we don't even know if it's being developed by Avalanche Studios (the makers of the previous games) or not. But there are a few noteworthy things about it.

Just Cause 4
(Photo: Steam)

First off, it appears that Rico Rodriguez is back, fresh from his 2014 Just Cause 3 adventure. Secondly, it appears that he's in a whole new country that needs to be liberated and it's besieged by bad weather. This could be one of the new conditions that you'll face over the course of the game.

It also appears that the weaponry and tech that you'll use in the game is more high-tech. By taking a glance at Rico's hand gear, you'll see that his grapple line is far more advanced than the one he used in Just Cause 3. This could very well open up some new gameplay opportunities for the character, though we're not sure how just yet.

There's also the gun that's on Rico's back. It appears to be advanced technology as well, with a glowing yellow marker on the side of the gun. It's unknown if all weapons are like this but there could be some cool old-school guns thrown in for good measure.

More than likely, Square Enix will confirm the game during its E3 press conference on Monday, along with first details about the plot and whether Avalanche Studios is working on it again. (After all, they're very busy co-developing Rage 2 with id Software, along with their just announced Generation Zero, an 80's inspired robot shooter.)

Whatever the case, Just Cause 4 should pack just as many open-world shenanigans as the first three games combined and may also throw in a few new gameplay tricks for good measure. We'll bring you all the details during the course of the press conference.

Just Cause 4 doesn't have a release date yet but it's likely to drop later this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.