Just Cause 4 Producer Reveals Amazing Easter Egg that Didn't Make the Final Game

Just Cause 4 recently introduced their Danger Rising DLC content, which brought in hoverboards and even gave enemies grapples of their own to impede Rico's progress. One thing it did not contain though was an Easter Egg that was planned for the game initially but didn't end up making the cut when it became time to finalize the game, and it's a total shame. ComicBook.com had the chance to speak to Just Cause 4 Producer Victoria Setian all about the new DLC and content, and when we asked if any content didn't make it into the final version of the game, she revealed a delightful Easter Egg involving a Yeti that and an old Windows game.

"We had an Easter Egg that we were working on but we ran out of time, and we do Easter Eggs it's for fun, so have you ever played Ski Free," Setian asked. Unfortunately, I had not but CB's Nick Floyd had. "The idea was that it was this old Windows game where you play as this little Ski guy and all you can do is direct him to go through Slalom courses or over jumps and if you make it far enough then an Abominable Snowman will run out and gobble you up."

The team decided to give Just Cause 4 it's own Abominable Snowman as a result. "It was this old game that was on every version of Windows, and so we made an Abominable Snowman that looked like a 3D version of this 2D...like 2 circles became 2 spheres and like stick arms, and the idea was that if you could follow him, if you got on the snowmobile and you rode it down on the Alpine long enough he would come and eat Rico, but we ran out of time to finish it. The snowman turned out so hilarious."

Gotta say it's a bummer that the Snowman didn't make it into the game, but thankfully there's plenty of awesome content for players to sink their teeth into. In addition to the players getting hoverboards, Avalanche decided to give the enemy some new toys too, including their own version of Rico's grappling hook.


"The whole idea is if we're going to give them this whole new movement pattern let's give players something new too, and of course, you're able to use this in the main game and the other content updates," Setian said. "You can use this anywhere you want, and just replay through the entire game with this new mechanic and it's physics-based. You can tether yourself to speed up, you can turn around, you can do these great jumps. We have a bunch of skateboarders in the office actually so they brought in their boards and we were studying them for the animations for Rico when he's jumping and using the board and just how would he move. How would he lean, a lot of thought went into how would Rico harness this new traversal mechanic."

You can read our full interview with Setian right here, and the Danger Rising DLC is available in Just Cause 4 now.