Kelly Clarkson Is An Avid NES Player, "Crazy Into" 'Super Mario Bros. 3'

It may come as no surprise to most, but it looks like Kelly Clarkson is an avid player of the Nintendo Entertainment System. According to the popular musician, she is "crazy into" Super Mario Bros. 3 and uses the game mostly to prevent her from straining her voice while on tour.

In a post on Clarkson's Twitter, she shared an image of her NES Classic with a caption that reads: "Other than reading, this is the only way to make me shut up on tour so I can save my voice for shows." She also claimed that Super Mario Bros. 3 is the "best video game ever invented."

In an audio clip shared by USA Today's Dave Paulson, Clarkson went on to express her love for the 1988 classic title, saying that she is "crazy into it." The singer also noted that while she is aware of the location for each of the Warp Whistles, she doesn't like using them.

Clarkson even mentioned that she will reset the game if things aren't working out. "I will literally press Reset if I'm disappointed," she said. Her frustration, as she pointed out, is likely due to the fact of sometimes not getting the Treasure Ships, which she referred to as "the boat of coins."

It's unknown if Clarkson takes advantage of any of the other 29 games that are included with the NES Classic, but if she did, we imagine she always ends up back at Super Mario Bros. 3.


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