Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

(Photo: Private Divison)

When Kerbal Space Program first released in 2011, it took PC gamers by surprise with its weird challenges, complex game design, and unique wormy heroes. Now, an all-new enhanced edition is arriving on consoles, and with over a half a decade between now and the original launch, it's likely that this pack is going to include some seriously fun extras.

Launching this coming January, Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition is still somewhat under wraps when it comes to full details on what's included. Game developer Private Divison made the announcement of the new edition in a short blog post, giving minimal details and teasing a big announcement coming hopefully soon. Per the blog: "Get ready to send your Kerbals to the Mun on consoles! The Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this January. Stay tuned for more details on the Enhanced Edition, including a completely reworked user interface, new controls, and more."

Kerbal Space Program is an interesting game solely because there's so much to do. If you enjoy managing tasks, figuring out puzzles, and surveying the product of your work, the game serves as a way to satisfy all of that. The game has three available play modes (Science, Sandbox, and Career) that give players different things to do in order to manage a (mostly) successful alien space program and explore the stars. Players can perform experiments in space for the advancement of 'Kerbalkind' or just spend their time working on their spacecraft, a highlight of the game. Ship crafting is one of the most popular modes of the game, challenging players to build ships that meet more than what they need for successful missions. So often, it's the ship that makes or breaks the mission.

Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition will take to the stars this coming January