Killer Instinct Battling Its Way To Steam


Killer Instinct has been enjoying a little resurgence as of late, thanks to the original developers at Double Helix Games and the new team at Iron Galaxy that has taken over since it departed over to Amazon Game Studios. And now, it’s about to reach out to an even bigger audience.

During this weekend’s Killer Instinct finals at the Community Effort Orlando tournament, Alex Jebailey, CEO and founder of CEO Gaming, confirmed the news that Killer Instinct would be making its way to a new platform this fall – Steam!

The official Killer Instinct Twitter page later confirmed the news as well, noting, “That’s right, KI is coming to Steam later this year! Thanks to @CEOJebailey for helping us break the news. More details to follow.”

That’s pretty much all we know at this point. Microsoft nor Iron Galaxy have not confirmed any kind of release date just yet, as well as how much the game will set players back – and, more importantly, if all the DLC will be included. It would be silly to release the game without it, though, so expect some sort of Ultimate Edition to be available once it arrives later this year.

This is big news for the Killer Instinct franchise, which has spent the past few years making the rounds on both the Xbox One and Windows 10, becoming a tournament darling in the process and reviving Rare’s long-dormant fighting franchise quite effectively. Iron Galaxy has done a great job keeping up its momentum after Double Helix left, and more DLC is on the way for the game, including the hinted-at debut of Eagle, Chief Thunder’s brother, sometime this summer.


As for whether more characters will come, Iron Galaxy hasn’t said just yet, but considering its popularity – and the fact that it’s making its way to Steam – we’d be surprised if support for the title dropped off. Expect more announcements in the months ahead, especially with EVO 2017 just around the corner. Now, the question is, who will we get after Eagle? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Killer Instinct is available now for Xbox One and Windows 10.