Killing Floor: Incursion PSVR Gameplay Revealed at PSX

killing floor
(Photo: Tripwire Interactive)

Sony is making no secret of its push to lead virtual reality innovation, as evidenced by yet another entry into the genre with Killing Floor: Incursion. During the PSX live stream earlier today, the title's arrival on the Playstaton VR was announced with a trailer as well as a separate look at the gameplay. Along with new footage, fans were given an idea of when to expect the game, which -- like most announced at PSX this weekend -- is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2018. Check out the trailer below:

Developed by Tripwire Interactive, the Incursion is already out for Steam, and was made exclusively for use with a virtual reality headset. Tripwire President John Gibson took to the official Playstation blog to share insight on the development process, saying that the studio "set out to create something that was unique and truly played to VR's strengths." He described Incursion as a "very tactile game" with gameplay designed with the intention of being "the most immersive and rewarding shooting experience players have ever experienced in VR."

The sci-fi action co-op was made with the intention of players being able to take on the game together, even from separate locations. Gibson wrote: "As we were developing Incursion one of the surprising things we discovered was just how connected you feel to the other person you are playing with in VR."

With monsters that range from "shambling zombie-like monsters to massive biomechanical abominations," the player has no shortage of terrifying enemies to take down. Unpredictable and sudden approaches might surprise the weary gamer if they're not paying attention. Luckily, in the game's single-player storyline, the player has a companion guiding them along the way, so at least they're not alone. Gibson described the A.I. pal as "NODE, a helpful robot companion that not only shares transmissions from the outside world, but also can be ordered by the player to hunt out ammo, health and more."


Killing Floor: Incursion lands on PSVR in 2018.