King of Fighters TV Series Getting 2 More Seasons & A Movie

that is set to recap the overarching story lines that connect Fatal Fury and the King of Fighters [...]

(Photo: SNK/iDragons Creative Studio)

SNK's King of Fighters is a time-honored staple of fighting game history, and the recent success of an animated series based on the popular game franchise has led to the order of two more seasons, as well as a finale in the form of a feature film. iDragons Creative Studio, the animation studio behind the new series (which you can watch the first season of here) that is set to recap the overarching story lines that connect Fatal Fury and the King of Fighters series together.

An update to the iDragons Creative's website revealed that King of Fighters: Destiny will continue with two more seasons, which will continue to follow the stories created in the previously-mentioned games. "The animation is expected to be made in three seasons, ending in the form of a big movie," noted the studio.

The series started this past August, and is distributed for free on several platforms. The post mentioned the history of the King of Fighters series while very vaguely explaining what fans of the franchise could expect from the upcoming seasons.

"During an era when people didn't have much to keep themselves entertained, KOF games became the trusted companion of a generation. Today's King of Fighters is not only a game, but a symbol of childhood. This official animation makes up for the regrettable lack of one in the past, and I know it would definitely bring up fond memories in people's minds! Currently, rights to the first season have been developed by Yinhan Games, and the animation will be distributed by Tencent Games. Other related commercial co-operations are also underway — welcome all on board!"

Stay tuned for official air dates and more details on the movie as they come.

King of Fighters: Destiny is available to view on YouTube and Steam.

Source: Gematsu