'Kingdom Hearts III': Epilogue Explained

Kingdom Hearts III is here and to say it has been a long time coming would put it lightly. After [...]

Kingdom Hearts III is here and to say it has been a long time coming would put it lightly. After more than a decade, the sequel has made its way to fans and promises to resolve plenty of burning questions. But, in true style, it appears the game's epilogue has raised more questions than answers.

No worries, though. If you have questions about the game's surprising epilogue, ComicBook.com is here to break it down for you... but be warned! There are MAJOR spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III lie below!

If you have already finished Kingdom Hearts III, you will have seen an epilogue appear after the credits closed. It begins with a close-up of a familiar Keyblade at the Keyblade Graveyard where a mysterious man grabs hold of it. Pleased, the character is happy to see his weapon return to him, and things get confusing from there.

A series of four masked figures appear at the graveyard out of nowhere, and they are all dressed in animal-themed robes. As for the mysterious man from earlier, he is wearing the robes of Organization XIII, but all is not as it seems.

If you played Kingdom Hearts X or watched the game's film adaptation, these characters should be familiar. Each of the four characters who show up are known as Foretellers, and they have a rather long history.

Kingdom Hearts X follows five Foretellers far before the events of Kingdom Hearts evencome around. Set before the Keyblade War, each Foreteller is a Keyblade wielder who leads a guild and collects the dwindling light from their universe. The five often come into conflict despite being taught by the same teacher, the Master of Master, but they fight for the same goal. After all, their mentor created a powerful artifact called the Book of Prophecies telling of an event that would blow out the world's light. The Foretellers want to keep this from happening, but in the end, a conflict between one wielder Ava and a long-missing sixth apprentice named Luxu sparked the Keyblade War fans have known about for some time.

Now, it looks like all of those Foretellers are still around somehow, and four of them were summoned by Luxu after the events of Kingdom Hearts III. With Xehanort gone, Luxu is ready to take control of the power vacuum, but there is more to consider. As it turns out, Luxu has taken a familiar form, and he has really been Xigbar this entire time. Luxu says he has changed vessels numerous times, but his goal remains the same. Now, he has a new mission planned and mysterious black box in his possession... and it surely contains the fabled Book of Prophecy penned by his old master.

Luxu says his mission is a long story, but the epilogue continues to tease what is to come. A short scene is shown of Eraqus and Xehanort from their childhood just before the video ends. The two begin a new game of chess with seven pieces of darkness rather than thirteen. The game pieces mirror each Foreteller summoned by Luxu moments before, teasing the arrival of Kingdom Hearts' newest threat now that the franchise is moving away from its Xehanort saga. So, if you want to know more about these baddies, you'll have to check out Kingdom Hearts X or wait until Square Enix goes in on Kingdom Hearts IV.

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