'Kingdom Hearts III' Players Are Hilariously Finding Lucky Emblems Everywhere

Kingdom Hearts III is finally available after 84 years (kidding) and players couldn't wait to dive back into a world of friendship and love with excited fervor. Just like previous games, the third installment in the main narrative offers a host of subquests for players to take on and one of those was using the new Gummi Phone ot track down Lucky Emblems. Looks like that hunt was more addictive than we thought, because fans are finding them everywhere now!

Twitter is going nuts this past week with Lucky Emblem "finds" all over in the real world. No Gummi Phone needed, just pure obsession:

When will the madness end!? For those that don't know, Lucky Emblems are collectibles that players will need to take pictures of with their phones in-game to unlock special bonuses and rewards. The quest is first doled out in Twilight Town, but will require players to backtrack a little bit if they are looking to score 100% completion.

Have any Lucky Emblems you've found out in the wild outside of the game? Hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy! You can also check out our full review of the game here in between your adventures.


H/T to Kotaku for the chuckle!