Knight Fall Announced by Red Raven Games

Knight Fall is a new asymmetrical board game by Red Raven Games that pits knights against demons. Announced earlier this month, Knight Fall splits 1-6 players into two teams – the knights and the demons. While the knights are tasked with protecting elders and keeping the demons at bay until dawn, the demons are attempting to break the seals of the underworld before dawn. Knight Fall comes with 19 unique characters, each of which have their own special abilities that can be combined with powers activated by playing cards. In addition to a standalone game, Knight Fall also has a campaign mode that features a map to explore and rewards players for finding relics and saving villagers. The campaign mode is also notable in that knights are removed from the campaign when they are defeated, so players will need to be smart when they send knights out for a skirmish.

Knight Fall is a modified version of Rift Knights, which Red Raven Games attempted to fund via Kickstarter back in 2020. Although the game reached its initial funding goal, Red Raven cancelled the Kickstarter after listening to feedback from backers. Red Raven spent time tweaking the graphic design and added the story campaign, along with changing the name to the game. 

Red Raven Games is best known for its Arzium Storybook Series, which includes Above and Below and Near and Far, and the smash hit campaign game Sleeping Gods. Red Raven is also working on a sequel to Sleeping Gods, which raised over $2 million on Gamefound is due out for release next year.

Knight Fall is designed by T. Alex Davis, with the story campaign designed by Ryan Laukat. A retail version of the game will be released this fall. You can find more information about Knight Fall on Red Raven's website.