Kojima Productions May Be Teasing a New Silent Hill Game

Hideo Kojima’s studio Kojima Productions shared an interesting tweet recently that’s got people thinking the developers might be hinting at a new Silent Hill game. These sorts of rumors appear online every now and then with people trying to predict what the company might be working on, but this latest one actually might actually be worth paying attention to. Two notable details from the tweet appeared to point towards the Silent Hill horror franchise that so many people have been enthralled with in the past while another detail may have given people an idea of when they’ll hear more about the company’s plans.

The tweet that’s gotten people online going can be seen below where Aki Saito, the head of communications at Kojima Productions, shared a staged photo. He apologized for not sharing much info with the community lately, but his choice of wording caught people’s attention. He said “sorry to be silent” which would’ve sounded like a normal enough phrase coming form anyone else, but it’s an interesting choice of words considering Kojima’s Silent Hill connection.

If you open the image outside of Twitter so that you can zoom into it, you’ll notice some expected desk decorations like things from Death Stranding. Zoom in even further on the image and you’ll see Saito holding a pencil over a notepad. That notepad reads “Next Week!” which is positioned in a way so that it’s uncovered and seemingly intended to be noticed.

Just above the base of the pencil, you’ll see that the communications lead is using a Pyramid brand pencil. Pyramid is one of the most recognizable characters from the Silent Hill games. Again, this could be just a coincidence where he picked up whatever pencil was nearby, but with how planned out everything else seems to be, it’d be quite the coincidence if that happened.


Bundle all this together and people online have had no choice but to conclude that there’s a Silent Hill game in the works and an announcement or at least a teaser happening some time next week. There’s nothing official to back that up, but those who’ve followed Kojima on social media in the buildup to games like Death Stranding will know that the company loves its cryptic teasers and puzzles.

Kojima’s been working on a new project, though it’s not known what that project might be. Some have speculated that it’s supposed to be an exclusive horror game for the PlayStation 5, a rumor which would certainly fit the Silent Hill guesses.