First Look: Korea Makes Its Way To Civilization VI In Rise And Fall Expansion


Civilization VI fans have a lot of new ground to cover in the upcoming Rise and Fall expansion for the historically-diverse title. In our first look preview, fans can see the indomitable Queen Seondeok in action, the first Queen of Silla. Her rule was one filled with strife and conquest, with her leading armies against those who violently opposed a woman on the throne. But it wasn't just her fight for worth that she's known for. This Queen was also known for her heavy interest and preservation of education, and she reigned in a fresh era of philosophy and arts. Take a look to see her might presences in the popular strategy game:

According to the Civilization blog, this is what players have to look forward to:

"Replacing the Campus district, the Seowon is home to many academic endeavors. Built into the hills, they functioned as both Confucian shrines and scenic preparatory schools in 16th Century Korea. Seonbi (intellectual aristocracy during the Joseon Dynasty) sympathized with the commoners’ plights and this philosophy found its way into the Seowons – attended largely by aristocratic children. These academies became ideal places to discuss politics and explore new ideas regarding Neo-Confucianism, Korea’s contemporary culture and government.

Seondeok improved the lives of her subjects through education. Take advantage of that with Hwarang. It grants players a bonus to both science and culture in all cities with an established governor."

Seondeok is one of the nine new leaders coming with Civilization VI: Rise and Fall when the expansion releases in early 2018.