Kurt Angle Confirmed As WWE 2K18 Pre-Order Bonus

We’ve been playing a guessing game over the past few weeks as to who this year’s pre-order [...]

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We've been playing a guessing game over the past few weeks as to who this year's pre-order bonus character for WWE 2K18 would be, even putting together a special that suggested a few potential favorites. But now we know exactly who it will be, and…it's true! It's damn true!

Kurt Angle, who's currently serving as the general manager for WWE Monday Night Raw following his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame a couple of months ago, took to Twitter today to confirm that he will be this year's pre-order bonus for the forthcoming wrestling game.

"It's damn true!" he noted on Twitter. "Your Olympic Hero is the pre-order bonus for WWE 2K18!! #ImBack"

While 2K Games has yet to provide official details on just what kind of versions of Kurt Angle will be included, or even a commercial like superstars have gotten in the past, this is great news for fans that have been looking for another WWE legend to join the 2K roster.

Angle follows in the footsteps of other legends that have worked with 2K Sports in the past to be included in WWE games, including last year's Goldberg, who would later go on to a successful run in the WWE (including becoming the WWE Universal Champion for a little while), and the icon Sting, who would also have a short stint in WWE before officially retiring and joining the WWE Hall of Fame.

More than likely, we'll see the classic Olympic gold medalist version of Kurt Angle in the game, along with possible alternate versions, depending on how gimmicks in the past. (Yes, we're crossing our fingers for a version with the tiny little cowboy hat like you wrestling fans are.) There's no word yet on which retailers will have the pre-order campaign, but we'll likely know more details over the next few days.

Alongside cover star Seth Rollins, Angle is the latest confirmed name for WWE 2K18's roster. We'll likely know who else is in the game in the months ahead, especially around Summerslam time in August.

WWE 2K18 will release on October 17th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.