Kustom Kontrollerz Introduced Spyro the Dragon Controllers, and Now We Want Them


We’ve been talking a bit out Kustom Kontrollerz quite a bit lately, and for good reason. This guy and his team specialize in making some superb controller designs that they’re actually turning into reality. Thus far, we’ve featured this funky Fresh Prince design, as well as this awesome Dragon Ball FighterZ controller, which we desperately want to add to our collection. But it appears that these guys aren’t done yet.

In light of the recent confirmation that Spyro the Dragon is making a return in the form of a Reignited Trilogy releasing later this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the Kustom Kontrollerz squad took to Twitter to showcase its latest designs -- in this case, a trio of Spyro controllers that any fan of the fire-breathing hero would absolutely want.

Spyro the Dragon 2

(Source: Kustom Kontrollerz Twitter)

There are three different models available, all pictured below. And as you can see, they have quite a common theme between them, featuring Spyro in his full fire-breathing form on one side; as well as the Spyro logo on the other. You’ll also note the gold-plated analog sticks, D-pads, buttons and trim alongside the purple edges of the controller, completing the whole Spyro look, right down to a science.

Spyro the Dragon 3

(Source: Kustom Kontrollerz Twitter)

What’s cool here is that Kustom Kontrollerz also laid out a design for the Nintendo Switch, even though Spyro isn’t 100 percent confirmed for that system yet (though it’s pretty likely to happen). It too features gold-plated buttons, as well as a purple coloring to it that adds a sharp design to the usual JoyCon set-up. Oh, and you can totally see the Pro Controller made that way as well. Damn. Now we want one of these.

Spyro the Dragon

(Source: Kustom Kontrollerz Twitter)

Now, these are just mock-ups, but those of you that are interested in placing an order for this controller (like us!) can contact Kustom Kontrollerz over on Twitter, as well as on their general website. Orders can probably take a little bit to process, since customization does take a little time. But you can certainly ask and see about adding one of these bad boys to your collection.


And while you’re there, check the Twitter feed. These guys made an amazing God of War controller we wouldn’t mind picking up as well. And, wait...Thundercats controllers?! We suddenly need more space in our gaming center.

Spyro the Dragon: Reignited Trilogy releases on September 21 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and is yet unannounced for Nintendo Switch.