Landflix Odyssey For Nintendo Switch Offers Platforming Fun While Spoofing Netflix, The Walking Dead

There are some terrific games coming to Nintendo’s Switch platform this year – even some that [...]

There are some terrific games coming to Nintendo's Switch platform this year – even some that haven't been announced yet. However, Italian developer Fantastico Studio looks to have fun with its particular project, as it makes fun of a really popular medium while delivering a unique experience in its own right.

That's because Landflix Odyssey actually provides a humorous take on the Netflix interface, right down to the "shows" that you can select in the main menu. In the game, you're on a mission to save the world from the CEO of the popular streaming channel, taking on its many levels in the hopes of overtaking them once and for all.

As for the shows that are offered, they're humorous takes on such favorites as Game of Thrones (known as Elder Thrones here), Stranger Things (Peculiar Stuff), Daredevil (Blindevil), Breaking Bad (Going Mad) and The Walking Dead (The Standing Zombies), among others. The player will take part in each world, taking on enemies with special powers while fighting to get to the next episode.

Here's the synopsis for the game, straight from the developer:

"The core of the game is that of a classic 2D platformer with pixel art graphics. Impersonating Larry, a beer loving average guy who spends his days binge watching, the player gets thrown inside the TV, where Landflix's evil CEO is secretly planning to conquer the world. Who will take up the role of the hero stopping this devious villain? The player, of course, diving in this adventure through TV shows, reliving their most iconic events."

The developer has noted that they intend to launch a Kickstarter for the game starting on February 5th to get extra funds rolling in. However, it has noted that, even if the campaign isn't a success, it still intends to finish it up for Nintendo Switch in time for a September release. The Kickstarter campaign is merely in place to help the team self-publish the game, instead of having to turn to a publishing partner.

You can check out a trailer for the game above. It definitely looks interesting, and the potential to add new episodes is there.

(Thanks to Nintendo Everything for the scoop!)