Roll7 Passes Laser League Development to 505 Games

Development on the arena combat game Laser League has been passed from the developer Roll7 to the [...]

Development on the arena combat game Laser League has been passed from the developer Roll7 to the publishers 505 Games, the developers announced.

Sharing a post on the developer's site titled "Powering Down the Lasers," Roll7 confirmed that it will no longer be supporting Laser League. Instead. 505 Games, the publisher responsible for this game and others like the upcoming Overkill's The Walking Dead, will now be handling the development and future support of the game.

"We can't wait to see where Laser League goes next with 505 Games at the helm and we thank them for their immense support and incubation of this project," Roll7 said. "At it's [sic] heart, we believe Laser League is one of our greatest titles yet and we are excited for what the future holds for it."

A similar post was shared by 505 Games, one that attempted to explain the issues that the game faced that ultimately led to a small pool of players. Community manager Antonela Pounder said in the post that 505 Games struggled throughout the game's campaign to tell players what Laser League was about "because of its complexities." It also discussed the circumstances surrounding the game's early access launch last year and its full launch on PC and consoles back in May.

The biggest issue that Laser League faced, according to 505 Games, was having enough players to accommodate a "decent match-making experience." Region-based servers, matchmaking divisions decided by game modes and player levels, and a lack of cross-play were listed as the issues that resulted from the low player numbers, though these are issues that other games face as well and aren't exclusive to Laser League.

Cross-play is one feature that is on the horizon though with 505 Games looking into adding that in the future to bolster the matchmaking experience.

"Roll7 have completed some of the last remaining features which we believe will really help Laser League's meta game and there is always the potential in the future of extra content (stadia, etc), but we believe that the big ticket item which will keep Laser League a viable game going forward is CROSS PLAY. We are actively looking into how quickly and efficiently we can bring this into the game."

Laser League is now available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.