League of Legends Previews Plans for 10th Anniversary

Riot Games is asking its League of Legends players to save the date for its upcoming anniversary celebration that’s taking place next week. October 15th will mark the start of League’s 10-year anniversary event where we’ll see a look back at the biggest moments from the game’s past and, more excitingly, a glimpse into its future. The latest update from Riot on its plans for the event provided a timeframe for when things will take place and provided some specifics on what’ll happen.

If you missed the first announcement, you should take a look back at it anyway to see some of the impressive player numbers Riot shared to show how League and its new Teamfight Tactics mode are still thriving. This latest announcement gives the most up-to-date info on the 10th anniversary celebration that starts on October 15th for those in North America. Events will begin early on that Tuesday and will continue throughout the day with the main game and Teamfight Tactics featured in different capacities.

“Rioters around the world will be spending the whole day celebrating with streamed activities and digital experiences,” Riot’s latest update said. “Many of our regional offices are also planning in-person events and activities. Check your local League of Legends channels on 10/15 to discover what's happening in your region. We look forward to making this a special day with you!”

Rioters have been teasing the event themselves in the wake of this latest update.

A schedule was provided to show when some of the events will happen, but if you’re only planning on seeking out the biggest announcements, it’s recommended you tune into the main event when the next Riot Pls video is shared at 6 p.m. PT. Those Riot Pls videos are where Riot addresses some of players’ most frequent requests and show off footage of new features and other things coming to League in the feature. We’ve seen new skins, breakdowns of plans for modes like Teamfight Tactics, and first looks at features like the revamped Death Recap shared through past Riot Pls videos, so the 10-year anniversary edition will hopefully scale to meet expectations.

The schedule for what we know is happening can be seen below.


10-Year Anniversary Schedule

  • 10 AM - Rioters worldwide kick off a day of celebrating with you - in game and across digital platforms.
  • 2:30 PM - League and TFT showmatches airing live Twitch and YouTube
  • 5 PM - League 10-Year Celebration pre-show hosted by Dash
  • 6 PM - Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition

Riot’s 10-year anniversary event for League will start at 10 a.m. PT on October 15th.