League of Legends Recaps 2017's Impressive Esports Stats

League of Legends Worlds
(Photo: Riot Games)

With another year of League of Legends esports competitions completed, a new recap for the year’s most notable stats and figures shows just how big 2017 was for professional League games.

Composed of over 100 different professional teams, more than 500 players competed in the 2017 esports season across 13 different leagues. The stats page that’s now live on League’s esports site details some of the most interesting figures that include longest and shortest games as well as the champions that were banned and picked the most.

A quick summary of the entire season across various competitions can be seen below, but the post also broke down the stats for different competitions such as MSI and Worlds.

  • 545+ Pros
  • 109 Teams
  • 13 Leagues
  • 31 Pentakills Worldwide During Season
  • Bloodiest Game: 79 Kills (SPY vs. VIT, Summer Week 10 Game 2)
  • Longest Game: 1:20:01 (LMS vs. LPL, All-Star Finals)
  • Shortest Game: 16:52 (FB vs CLK, TCL Summer Week 5 Game 2
  • Highest Damage Per Minute in a Single Game: 1781 (Sneaky on Caitlyn, Worlds Game 1 vs. WE)
  • Most Picked Champion: Varus (1274)
  • Most Banned Champion: LeBlanc (1834)

The rest of the post covered several other stats such as the most-watched game during Worlds and other figures, and a separate post from Riot Games thanked everyone for their support during the 2017 season while also listing areas that need to be worked on in 2018 in order for the esports scene to continue growing.

“Of course, there’s still a lot of work to be done over the LoL esports universe as we head into 2018; just to name a few, identifying and executing the best structure for Europe, supporting the rapid growth in regions like Vietnam and Brazil, working with our new partnered teams in China and North America to take these leagues to the next level and building a foundation to last decades in Korea with a dedicated studio for LCK. It’s our responsibility to support and nurture environments where pros can flourish and where LoL esports are competitive, fun to watch and around for the long term.

"As we close out the year, from all of us here at Riot, thank you. Thank you pros for dedicating everything to perfecting your game, striving to win and leaving us in awe. Thank you to everyone who worked to advance esports, from coaches, to owners, to journalists. And, most importantly, thank you to fans worldwide who tuned in this year to cheer on your favorite team and pros."