Support Your Favorite League of Legends Team with 2018 Spring Split Icons

Spring Split Summoner Icons for this year’s professional League of Legends teams across all [...]

League of Legends Summoner Icons
(Photo: Riot Games)

Spring Split Summoner Icons for this year's professional League of Legends teams across all regions are now available for purchase in the in-game store.

The Summoner Icons for each team allow players to show support for their favorite teams by boasting the teams' logos as their Icon when they load into each game for other players to see. With Summoner Icons available for teams ranging from North America to Europe to Asia and every other region, there's an Icon for just about everyone whether you've been watching esports for years or are just getting started.

What's even better about the icons is that part of the money that's earned from them goes to the teams that players are representing. Each Summoner Icon is priced at 250 RP with half of that revenue being shared with the supported team.

Below are all of the teams that players can choose to support this season divided by their regions, and while there are many Summoner Icons for the teams now available in the shop, there are several that aren't in there yet and are coming in the next patch:


paiN Gaming | INTZ e-Sports Club | KaBuM e-Sports | Vivo Keyd | CNB e-Sports Club | Red Canids Corinthians | Team One e-Sports | ProGaming Esports


Gambit Esports | M19 | Team Just | Dragon Army | Vega Squadron | ROX


Kaos Latin Gamers | Isurus Gaming | Dark Horse | Legatum | Rebirth eSports | Hafnet E-Sports | Furious Gaming | Universidad Católica Esports


100 Thieves | Cloud9 | Clutch Gaming | Counter Logic Gaming | Echo Fox | Flyquest | Golden Guardians | OpTic Gaming | Team Liquid | TSM


Team AURORA | Royal Bandits | YouthCREW | Dark Passage.Dominos | 1907 Fenerbahçe Espor | Galakticos | HWA GAMING | BAUSuperMassive eSports


Zaga Talent Gaming | Predators eSports | Just toys Havoks | 6Sense | Infinity eSports | Gaming Gaming | Rainbow 7


Bombers | Avant Gaming | The Chiefs Esports Club | Dire Wolves | Legacy Esports | Order | Sin Gaming | Tectonic


DetonatioN FocusMe | Pentagram | Unsold Stuff Gaming | 7th heaven | Rascal Jester | V3 Esports


Fnatic | Unicorns of Love | Splyce | Misfits | H2K | Vitality | Giants | Schalke04 | ROCCAT | G2


Flash Wolves | ahq e-Sports Club | G-Rex | Team Afro | MAD TEAM | Hong Kong Attitude | J Team | Machi Esports


Hall of Fame | EVOS | Young Generation | GIGABYTE Marines | Cherry | FTV | UTM Esports | Friends Forever


KING-ZONE DragonX | SK telecom T1 | kt Rolster | KSV | Afreeca Freecs | Jin Air Greenwings | ROX Tigers | MVP | bbq OLIVERS | KONGDOO MONSTER


Team WE | RoyalNeverGiveUp | OHMYGOD | JD Gaming | LGD Gaming | Bilibili Gaming | Suning Gaming | Topsports Gaming | Vici Gaming | FunPlus Phoenix | Rogue Warriors | Invictus Gaming | Snake Esports | Edward Gaming