League of Legends Shares First Look at Battlecast Illaoi Development

League of Legends Battlecast Illaoi Development

Production of Illaoi’s new Battlecast skin is now officially underway, and as promised, Riot Games has released the first look at the development process of the new player-chosen skin.

It’s actually not a true first look at the skin, more of a preview of the first update from Riot on the process. When it was announced which skin players had voted for, Riot said that they’d be continuing to do something special with the already innovative skin creation process by detailing their progress with update posts. Each one would show which step development is in and how the process was coming along, and the first one is expected to come on Dec. 26.

“I’m here to answer an important question: Where’s the Illaoi skin update?” Riot Games communications strategist Will Starck said. “No worries! We haven’t forgotten about her. We’ve just started to focus on Battlecast Illaoi—production began this week. So now we’re aiming to give you all the first (real) update on December 26th, with an article every two weeks until the skin is ready for launch. It’s a bit tricky since each update needs about a week for design and localization, so technically we need at least two weeks of dev time before a post is ready.”

League of Legends Battlecast Illaoi

The preview posted by Starck showed off the images above that included several different examples of character models and splash arts that Riot explored while deciding on which one the skin would receive. Before revealing the images, Starck said that they’d looked at several different options when it came to sharing the sneak peeks at the skin. With the first full preview still on the way, he also added that they’re open to highlighting any specific part of the development that players want to see more of, assuming they can make the requests work.

A release date for the new skin that beat out the Adventurer and Deep Space skins hasn’t been given, but more development updates coming over the course of the next few weeks will bring Illaoi mains closer to the release of the new player-picked skin.