Popular 'League of Legends' Talk Show 'Beyond the Rift' Is Finished

The League of Legends talk show called Beyond the Rift has officially come to an end, the show's hosts announced.

Hosted by William "scarra" Li and Michael "Imaqtpie" Santana, two former pro players who still play League and have valued opinions regarding game balance and other topics, Beyond the Rift was a weekly talk show started years ago with over 70,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel alone. With the start of 2019 though, the show has ended its run, according to an announcement shared through the show's official Twitter account.

During each segment, the hosts would bring on prominent individuals involved with the game whether it was a current or former pro player, a well-known streamer, or a member of Riot Games. The 500th episode seen at the top featured the two hosts along with David "Riot Repertoir" Capurro and Richard "Riot MapleNectar" Henkel from League of Legends' balance team.

In one of scarra's recent streams, the player and co-host announced that the show had come to an end and gave some more insight into the reasoning behind its cancellation. The streamer said he was no longer as passionate about the project and that he didn't feel as though he should continue it.

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"I just think that if I'm not passionate about something, it's not something I should be doing," scarra said on stream.

The two hosts debated on having one final show where they'd get the CEO of Riot Games to join them but ultimately decided it was best to leave Beyond the Rift where it was and end the show.

Beyond the Rift isn't scarra's first talk show the streamer has started, and it might not be the last. Speaking during the stream about the future, the player said there was a chance another talk show would be started in the future, a producer and other help would likely be brought on to help avoid burnout.


Addressing some comments and questions on Reddit, scarra clarified that the end of the show had nothing to do with the Offline TV, the group of content creators that the streamer is part of, and that the show would've been cancelled regardless.