League of Legends has No Plans to Keep Ezreal Out of the Jungle

(Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends players have likely noticed Ezreal popping up in the jungle recently as opposed to the bot lane, but while the role change might not be as common as switching the ADC to mid, it looks like it's here to stay.

Ezreal has been largely pushed out of the bottom lane in favor of hyper carry ADCs like Twitch and Xayah who can make good use of crit items, so it makes sense that he'd have to find a home elsewhere. Even outside of solo play in normal, Ezreal jungle has also seen a bit of competitive play as well. The new spot for him caught plenty of players off guard with many more picking it up thanks to professionals and high-profile streamers, but not everyone is a fan of it.

Riot Meddler commented recently on Ezreal's new role and said that it seems fine to the Riot Games team, at least for now.

"Ezreal jungle seems cool from what we've seen so far," Meddler said in a recent comment on his Gameplay Thoughts discussion. "If he falls out of botlane entirely would want to try and let him back in there without pushing him out of the jungle. Same approach we've been taking with Ziggs as mid and bot."

Meddler added that the tentative opinion about Ezreal in the jungle could very well change in the future depending on how he continues to perform. If the ADC-turned-jungler starts to be too oppressive or otherwise unhealthy, Riot will then act on that to bring him back in line. But for now, Meddler said that he's "pretty optimistic" that the trend won't negatively impact the game.


Ezreal has a couple of different build paths when he's in the bot lane, but with many Ez players opting for an early Tear of the Goddess or working their way up to a Trinity Force, the champion spikes a bit later than other ADCs. Playing him in the jungle allows him to reach power spikes much easier, most Ezreals going for the Warrior Enchantment for damage and cooldown reduction, two things that Ezreal highly values.

The ADC might not be the most viable jungler at the moment, but his rise in popularity won't be stopped by Riot anytime soon, so it'll be up to players to decide if he stays in the spotlight or not.