Riot Wants Your Suggestions for League of Legends Features in 2018

League of Legends
(Photo: Riot Games)

Riot Games is looking for player feedback when it comes to the features that they’ll be adding in 2018 by allowing players to pitch their ideas and some reasoning behind them.

Following up on a post that was made recently, Riot’s Maple Nectar referenced the post where the Rioter commented about listening to feedback and requests from players through social media and forums and how it wasn’t always the best idea. The Rioter maintained that perspective but added that there’s still always room for players to make requests for interesting features.

“About a month ago I replied to a post stating that we don’t always pivot to requests/demands that come up on social media since it can be pretty disruptive to our usual development plans. While I still stand by that, I thought there might a productive way that we could work together with you guys, our players, to continue making League the best game it can be now and into the future. You’re just as passionate about League as we are, so deliberately tapping into that more than we currently are could help surface some really killer ideas. We’re starting to hammer out our roadmaps for the next year, and while I can’t promise we’ll be able to get around to anything that comes up in this thread, it’d be awesome to actually plan for some of the cool ideas you guys have if they seem realistic for us to do, are impactful for players, and don't overlap too substantially with some of our other plans.”

To create a bit more structure in the idea-pitching process, the Rioter proposed a structure similar to the way that bug reports are posted within communities like the game’s subreddit. Starting with the name of the feature or suggestion submission and backing the idea up with brief descriptions, sample visuals if necessary, and other helpful information, League players can pitch their ideas to Riot. Some of these so far include reworking the Death Recap rework feature, and a later comment from Maple Nectar said that the suggestion process “has been awesome so far.”

Check out the boards post that’s live now to see some players’ ideas and pitch your own in hopes that they’ll come to life next year.