League of Legends' Hextech Kog'Maw Skin Now Available

League of Legends Hextech KogMaw
(Photo: Riot Games)

A new Hextech skin for Kog’Maw is now available in League of Legends, but getting it isn’t as easy as simply spending RP.

The new skin gives Kog’Maw a creative look with a Hextech exoskeleton and some blue energy burst for his attacks and abilities and a claw machine recall. Instead of RP though, this skin will cost you several Gemstones with the cosmetic being a Hextech Crafting exclusive that you’ll have to find by saving the Gemstones or by chance. It costs 10 Gemstones to unlock the skin, so you’ll want to hang onto the ones that you purchased from the Essence Emporium and any that you might’ve earned before if you’re hoping to add the skin to your Kog’Maw collection.

A post on the League of Legends site previewed the release of the loot-exclusive skin and referenced the Hextech design:

“Defense doesn’t have to be mundane. Upgrade your home security with Hextech Kog’Maw, the latest in friendly firepower. This Hextech guardian has features for the whole family:”

  • Triple reinforced steel exoskeleton
  • Azuro Plus™ gold-lace color scheme
  • Fueled by Hextech—no need to recharge
  • Three friendship modes: Sit, follow, and cuddle
  • Three defense modes: Passive, non-lethal, and active

Even if you didn’t get enough Gemstones to unlock the skin when they were purchasable, you’ll still have the chance to earn the stones through Hextech Chests, so now’s the time to either work for or buy some Hextech Keys if you’ve got some unopened chests sitting around. Of course, the much easier route would be picking up this Mythic skin as a skin shard through the Hextech Chests, but that’s entirely up to chance as well. However you get it, just know that it’ll be a pretty rare skin to see and will be a treat to find in a game whether it’s you that’s using it or not.

Kog’Maw becomes the third ADC to have a loo-exclusive skin, the other two being Soulstealer Vayne and Neo PAX Sivir, the last of which is only craftable until Jan. 8.