League of Legends Is Finally Adding an In-Game Report Option

League of Legends players will be able to report problematic players via an overdue in-game reporting feature Riot Games plans to add. The League creators confirmed this week its plans to add such a feature which it said will allow people to issue a report as soon as a problematic situation takes place instead of having to wait until the end of the game to do so. This announcement came alongside other news of what's planned in terms of Riot's anti-toxicity efforts in League.

In-game reporting is something that League players have been requesting for a while now seeing how the only option to report someone currently is found in the post-game lobby or before the game actually starts. The latter is a more recent addition to the game, but even though the option was there, reports didn't actually lead to action when the system launched given that Riot was still compiling data regarding how it was being used. It's unclear if the in-game reporting system will go through this same phase of planned ineffectiveness, but we know it – among other features – are coming to League in the future.

"We're working on exciting updates that will allow us to evaluate text live in-game, preventing you from being exposed to the detected inappropriate text and muting those players for the rest of the game," Riot said. "We're also finally going to be adding the ability to report players in-game, as soon as the disruptive behavior happens."

Though Riot did confirm its plans to add in-game reporting, we don't yet know when that'll happen. Another feature confirmed in the same post was a "pre-made chat channel" intended to allow those who are grouped together to communicate "without needing to be exposed to potentially disruptive chat by randomly matchmade teammates." That might be a draw for premade groups, but from that description alone, it already sounds like it could prove problematic for people playing solo. Playing with other premade groups already means chances are good that premade players are prioritizing an organized voice chat instead of the game's text chat, so it's hard to imagine separating them further from solo queue players would be good for the solos and overall teamwork.


We haven't yet seen how these systems will be implemented, however, so perhaps it'll all work out just fine regardless. Again, Riot didn't give a timeframe for when these things would be added, so keep an eye on posts like this one to learn more as that info becomes available.