League of Legends Is Removing Sightstone from the Store

Support champions in League of Legends are about to undergo a huge change with Sightstone being [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

Support champions in League of Legends are about to undergo a huge change with Sightstone being removed from the in-game store.

Sightstone is a staple part of any support's build, and even the support doesn't think so, the rest of their team will beg, encourage, and flame them to persuade them into buying it. With the item being almost mandatory and taking up a valuable item slot, Riot is removing it from the store while moving its effects to other items.

Riot ItsLowbo gave a quick summary of the change that explains how the active effect of Sightstone will be added to the Tier 3 support items:

  • Sightstone and all of its upgrades will be removed from the store.
  • Support items will gain Sightstone's active as their quest reward.
  • Support Tier 3 items now build out of Tier 2 and a Ruby Crystal, and give you the same stats as their respective line's "Eye of the __" upgraded Sightstone on live.

The goal behinds this change is to ultimately free up supports to pursue their own builds without being obligated to buy the same items every game. ItsLowbo explained that the Ardent Censer epidemic helped demonstrate that players want to and will rush significant items to have a greater impact, and the games often went just fine without a support rushing Sightstone like they normally would.

But by adding the item's active effect to the finished support items, there's the question of what will happen to the effects of items like Face of the Mountain.

"Unfortunately, having an active as the quest reward requires us to remove the active branches of the item chains - Frost Queen's Claim, Face of the Mountain, and Talisman of Ascension. Some of the actives provided important options, and so we'll be looking at ways to bring Frost Queen's Claim and Talisman of Ascension back in modified forms. Face of the Mountain's active will likely not return in the immediate future."

These significant changes will be on the PBE soon, and the full details and explanations of the decision to remove Sightstone can be seen through the boards post.