League of Legends: Jhin and a Possible Lethality Buff

When Lethality was nerfed within League of Legends, Jhin was quite possibly the hardest hit [...]

Jhin 1
(Photo: League of Legends)

When Lethality was nerfed within League of Legends, Jhin was quite possibly the hardest hit champion out of all the champs who relied on Lethality. Over the last pair of patches, Lethality and Jhin have been left completely alone leading to the outcry of many Jhin mains.

One League player in particular, Janna X RubicK, took to the forums and asked, "What's your opinion on this dude [Jhin]? 46% win rate. He really feels bad to play, can't kill tanks, can't kill squishies as they kill him with in a short time before he kills them."

Meddler, League of Legends Lead Gameplay Designer responded and said, "I'd expect Jhin to do poorly in a meta with BotRK as a really good early buy. We'll probably need to trim a bit off Blade which should help him a bit."

Then Meddler got into the real meat and potatoes of why Jhin is doing terribly. "Looks like we might have overhit the Lethality items as well, so might put a bit of power back in there at some point which, depending on what form that takes, might or might not help him out too."

Riot needs to tread very carefully when they mess with Lethality again. Mess with it too much and Jhin, as well as all other crit reliant champions, become the meta again. Mess with it too lightly and Jhin stays in a perpetual state of mediocrity.

This doesn't mean a Lethality buff is set in stone. Meddler then said, "How much we do/don't buff lethality items, and whether it's done it a way that helps Jhin at all's still being assessed. It's a real enough possibility it's worth considering when considering Jhin though."

What do you think about the state of Lethality? How about the state of Jhin? Should they be buffed separately or should Lethality just get the buff? Let us know your thoughts over on our Facebook page!

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