League of Legends Previews Work on Kleptomancy, Minion Dematerializer Runes

(Photo: Riot Games)

Two League of Legends runes that are both found in the Inspiration rune path are set to receive several changes soon.

The two runes in question are Kleptomancy and Minion Dematerializer, a Keystone Rune and regular rune, respectively. Kleptomancy’s potential changes would be a bit tamer than those for the other rune, but the effect of Minion Dematerializer might be completely changed if the experimental direction that Riot Games has in mind proves successful.

For the gold-thieving, item-conjuring champions that use Kleptomancy, the way that the rune performs on different champions might be changed along with the way that the rune procs.

“Sometime early next year, 8.2 most likely, we'll be doing a bit more work on how Kleptomancy procs,” Riot Meddler said. “We want to reduce the difference between great and poor users of it somewhat so that we don't have to balance it until it's only a reasonable option for those best able to optimize it at present (mainly melee solo laners with short CDs fighting other melee, plus a couple of others like Ezreal). Might also need to drop its average power a bit too, with one of the current theories being that the amount of mana regen it offers may be a bit too high on top of the other benefits also given.”

The Minion Dematerializer is an equally interesting rune but one that doesn’t see quite as much use as Kleptomancy. It eventually may receive an entirely different affect than just poofing away minions with players possibly able to control an enemy minion and take advantage of its pushing powers.


“We're also working on minion dematerializer. Timeframe on that's uncertain, with work on Klepto and a new resolve keystone taking priority. One concept we're currently trying out that sounds intriguing at least is swapping it to an item that mind controls an enemy minion, giving you the gold/XP and converting it to your side. That's very experimental, so might not go anywhere, figured it was worth sharing to give some insight into the sorts of changes we're thinking about for that slot though.”

The changes for the runes will take some time to work though especially with Grasp of the Undying and the Resolve Keystone mentioned taking priority, but look for the changes in more informative posts or on the PBE early next year.