League of Legends RP Prices Are Increasing

League of Legends players who occasionally drop money here and there on RP for skins and other purchases can expect those RP prices and values to change soon. Riot Games announced this week that beginning on August 19th, "RP and TFT Coin prices will increase in most Riot regions." While North America has sometimes been excused from the regional increases in the past, that won't happen this time.

In a post about the topic, Riot attributed the price hikes to "worldwide inflation, currency fluctuations, maintaining fair prices between and within regions, consistency across our products, and other associated cost increases." Riot also pointed out that these regional increases are typically just that – regional – but this time, the increases are a result of "economic shifts on a global scale."

The chart below shows how prices and RP values will change in North America come August 19th. Take note of both of those relevant columns, because even though RP costs may go down just barely in some cases, you're always getting less RP for your purchases than you would before. Spending $5, for example, currently gets you 650 RP, but in the new system, you'll instead spend $4.99 and get only 575 instead.


The only RP values that remained consistent are the ones 1,380 RP and 2,800 RP purchases, but both of them cost more. According to Riot, it's an average price increase of about 9.8% across the board, but regardless of what that average is, it's a loss for League players any way you look at it. The price hikes apply to Teamfight Tactics players, too, so expect those in-game coins to cost more once these changes go through.

Riot's only redeeming part of this announcement is the bonus RP and TFT Coins that players can obtain for a limited amount of time. Sure, it's a way for Riot to incentivize players to purchase more RP to take advantage of a manufactured "deal," but it's the best players are going to get out of this change. Riot said that from July 14th to July 31st, it'll be doubling the "bonus RP" and "bonus TFT Coins" players get.


Note that doesn't mean you'll be doubling your purchases, however. League players may recall that once you start buying $10 or more worth of RP, you get the normal value listed above as well as a bonus. Buying $10 worth currently gets you 80 bonus RP, so it'll get you 160 instead during this event while spending $20 will get you 400 bonus RP instead of 200 and so on. Not quite as attractive as double RP overall, but still a decent incentive if you were going to buy some anyway.

Riot's new RP prices go into effect on August 19th.