League of Legends Minions Now Attack Single-Target Ability Users

A huge change is coming for League of Legends champions that uses targeted abilities with their [...]

League of Legends Cassiopeia
(Photo: Riot Games)

A huge change is coming for League of Legends champions that uses targeted abilities with their spells soon drawing minion aggro in the next patch.

After the idea was previewed to make minions attack champs that use targeted abilities in the same way that they would fight an auto attacking champion, the patch notes for Patch 8.2 show that the change is definitely going through. With this change, champions like Pantheon and Cassiopeia can no longer spam their abilities on enemies in lane without being punished for it. The minions will now rally behind their champion allies and deal some significant early-game damage.

"Champions with spammable targeted spells, like Pantheon and Cassiopeia, put opposing laners in an awkward position: fight back and draw minion aggro, or just take the punishment they hand out," a description in the patch notes read. "Changing this mechanic will make those champions a lot more intuitive to play against, as well as easier to balance."

Pantheon also has another change affecting the champ specifically that goes along with this minion change. His Aegis of Zeonia (W) will no longer block aggro from siege minion which means that while his shield will still remain to block the next champion ability, damage from cannon minions will pierce the shield and continue doing damage.

A full list of champions and the abilities affected was also provided in the patch notes for anyone concerned that their champion may be affected by this change that'll affect early-game trading patterns in a big way. It's also important to note that Ignite is listed as an ability that'll draw minion aggro as well, so be careful using it to end a close fight if you're retreating from minions with low health.

  • AKALI Q: - Mark of the Assassin & R - Shadow Dance
  • ALISTAR: W - Headbutt
  • ANIVIA: E - Frostbite
  • ANNIE: Q - Disintegrate
  • BRAND: E - Conflagration & R - Pyroclasm
  • CAITLYN: R - Ace in the Hole
  • CASSIOPEIA: E - Twin Fang
  • CHO'GATH: R - Feast
  • DARIUS: R - Noxian Guillotine
  • DIANA: R - Lunar Rush
  • ELISE (HUMAN & SPIDER FORM): Q - Neurotoxin/Venomous Bite
  • EVELYNN: E - Whiplash
  • FIDDLESTICKS: W - Drain & E - Dark Wind
  • GAREN: R - Demacian Justice
  • IRELIA: E - Equilibrium Strike
  • JANNA: W - Zephyr
  • JARVAN IV: R - Cataclysm
  • JAX: Q - Leap Strike
  • JAYCE (HAMMER FORM): Q - To The Skies & E - Thundering Blow
  • JHIN: Q - Dancing Grenade
  • KARMA: W - Focused Resolve
  • KASSADIN: Q - Null Sphere
  • KATARINA: Q - Bouncing Blade & E - Shunpo
  • KAYLE: Q - Reckoning
  • KHA'ZIX: Q - Taste Their Fear
  • LEBLANC: Q - Shatter Orb
  • LEE SIN: R - Dragon's Rage
  • LISSANDRA: R - Frozen Tomb
  • LULU ENEMY: E - Help, Pix!
  • MALPHITE: Q - Seismic Shard
  • MALZAHAR: E - Malefic Visions & R - Nether Grasp
  • MAOKAI: W - Twisted Advance
  • MORDEKAISER: R - Children of the Grave
  • NAMI: W - Ebb and Flow
  • NOCTURNE: E - Unspeakable Horror & R - Paranoia (second cast)
  • NUNU: E - Ice Blast
  • OLAF: E - Reckless Swing
  • PANTHEON: Q - Spear Shot & W - Aegis of Zeonia
  • POPPY: E - Heroic Charge
  • QUINN: E - Vault
  • REK'SAI: E - Tunnel
  • RYZE: W - Rune Prison & E - Spell Flux
  • SEJUANI: E - Permafrost
  • SHACO: E - Two-Shiv Poison
  • SINGED: E - Fling
  • SKARNER: R - Impale
  • SWAIN: E - Torment
  • SYNDRA: R - Unleashed Power
  • TALON: Q - Noxian Diplomacy
  • TEEMO: Q - Blinding Dart
  • TRISTANA: R - Buster Shot
  • TRUNDLE: R - Subjugate
  • VAYNE: E - Condemn
  • VEIGAR: R - Primordial Burst
  • VI: R - Assault And Battery
  • VIKTOR: Q - Siphon Power
  • VLADIMIR: Q - Transfusion
  • VOLIBEAR: W - Frenzy
  • WUKONG: E - Nimbus Strike
  • XIN ZHAO: E - Audacious Charge
  • YASUO: E - Sweeping Blade & R - Last Breath
  • ITEM ACTIVES: Bilgewater Cutlass, Blade of the Ruined King, and Hextech Gunblade Active
  • SUMMONER SPELLS: Smite, Ignite