Riot Reveals Most Popular 'League of Legends' Game Modes By Region

Riot Games shared a League of Legends infographic that showed the most popular game modes across different regions throughout the month of September.

League of Legends design director Andrei “Riot Meddler” van Roon shared the graph that tracks play rates in different areas of the world in a post on the game’s boards to give players an idea of what’s most popular and where game modes find the most action. The Rioter said that he felt it would be beneficial for everyone to see how the stats differ between regions with there being some clear differences between play rates in certain areas.

“Something I thought it would be good to share was a look at how popular the different queue types in LoL are, both from an overall perspective and looking at how they vary region to region,” Riot Meddler said. “Chart below showing a % breakdown (hours played in each mode) in early September for a few regions with different habits.”

League of Legends Game Modes
(Photo: Riot Games)

One of the most obvious differences between the regions shown on the graph, those regions being Korea, North America, and Brazil, is how much more time is spent in ranked games in Korea. The blue bar representing that region shows that more than 45 percent of the hours recorded from Korea’s gaming trends in September were spent in ranked solo or duo matches on Summoner’s Rift. North America and Brazil were almost tied in that metric with both of them hovering between 30 and 35 percent.

Comparing that ranked data to the unranked, normal games, Korea seems to show far less interest in then latter. The bar dips down to just around 25 percent for normal while North America and Brazil both played more normal games than ranked during the time period that Riot Games recorded the stats.

Continuing down the line, the graph shows a mix of interest in League’s supporting game modes outside of the two core experiences. ARAM holds strong as one of the more active alternatives, Brazil taking the least interest in it, while Nexus Blitz saw a surge in activity from both North America and Brazil. North America also appears to be the region keeping Twisted Treeline normal games alive, at least in September, with the other two regions barely making a blip on the graph.


Riot Meddler also pointed out neither the regions listed within the graph nor those who weren’t mentioned are indicators of an overall average with every region having “at least one queue in which they're noticeably divergent from average play rates.”

The full League of Legends post and the Rioter’s thoughts on the subject can be seen here.