League of Legends Champion Goes Super Saiyan With New Skin

Nasus received one of League of Legends’ newest Lunar Revel skins and picked up a neat trick [...]

Nasus received one of League of Legends' newest Lunar Revel skins and picked up a neat trick along with it: He can now go Super Saiyan.

In an unlikely blending of the League of Legends MOBA and the acclaimed Dragon Ball franchise, the Super Saiyan qualities of Nasus' new Lunar Guardian skin are hard to ignore. The base version of the skin that Nasus will spend the most of the game in may not remind players of their favorite Dragon Ball characters too much, but once he uses his ultimate ability, Fury of the Sands, the similarities become much more apparent.

SkinSpotlight's video above shows the Super Saiyan transformation along with every other part of the skin that players would hope to see before buying. Starting first with the champion's Lunar Revel recall as he returns to base, Nasus' mane of hair explodes into the unmistakable golden color that defines the Saiyan race. The connection is tied together even further by the standout fact that his hair was black prior to the transformation where his base skin and other cosmetics usually don't show him with long hair at all. Looking closely, his eyes also burn a bright blue after using his ultimate, much like Goku does in the anime and manga.

This isn't the first time that a League of Legends skin has resembled other popular series and characters, but it's definitely one of the best so far. Chosen Master Yi is a Jedi in all except for his name, King Rammus looks a whole lot like Bowser from the Mario games, and skins like Annie in Wonderland are direct references to Alice in Wonderland.

More turnarounds and details on Lunar Guardian Nasus can be seen through the post on League's PBE boards that accompanied his recent release onto the PBE. The Lunar Revel skins for Nasus, Warwick, and Lux are all priced at 1350 RP and are scheduled to be available sometime in Patch 8.2.