'League of Legends' Patch Nerfs Galio's Team-Oriented Ultimate

(Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends’ latest patch is changing different parts of Galio’s kit and is making his ultimate much less helpful when it comes to saving teammates.

Galio’s “Hero’s Entrance” ultimate will still let the champion get from Point A to Point B and help a teammate, but there’s a chance the ally might not last long enough for Galio to arrive there now after the nerfs are applied. The damage reduction effect of his ability that grants his targeted ally reduced damage is no longer part of the ability, and it no longer knocks up enemies located in the center of the impact for a longer period of time than those hit outside of the ability’s center.

Riot Games’ patch notes for 8.24 update that pertain to Galio’s ultimate can be found below:

R – Hero’s Entrance

  • (REMOVED) DAMAGE REDUCTION: The targeted ally no longer gains 20/25/30% (+8% per 100 Galio's bonus magic resist) damage reduction
  • (REMOVED) GROUND ZERO: Enemies in the center are no longer knocked up longer (now 0.75 second knockup for all enemies hit)

Galio did receive some compensation buffs for different parts of his kit with both his Winds of War and Justice Punch abilities getting some improvements. The former costs less mana and does more damage from the windblast and the percent damage based on opponents’ max health at the cost of the flat tornado damage being removed, and the Justice Punch ability now moves faster with a higher dash speed and less of a windup time. Justice Punch now does 50 percent reduced damage to non-champions though, so don’t expect to be clearing waves with that ability after the patch rolls out.


As an explanation for Galio’s changes, Riot Games cited the champion’s power discrepancies between coordinated, team-based play and his performance in solo environments as a reason for why the changes were being made.

“Galio has consistently seen greater results in coordinated play than anywhere else, due in large part to his ult,” Riot Games said about the champion nerfs. “We're taking out the team-reliant strengths of Hero's Entrance (plus some waveclear off Justice Punch) and adding strength back into brawlier parts of Galio's kit that solo players can more confidently rely on.”

League of Legends’ Patch 8.24 notes are now available to read through on the game’s site.