League of Legends Is Testing a Lot of Shaco Changes

Riot Games currently has quite a few League of Legends changes getting ready to be tested on the [...]

Riot Games currently has quite a few League of Legends changes getting ready to be tested on the PBE servers which may or may not be good news depending on how you feel about Shaco. Some of the most notable changes include Shaco's boxes having an AOE effect where they attack everything around them and the ability to make the clone on the champion's ultimate have more of an impact when it dies. Like any changes that go to the PBE though, there's always the chance some of these won't ship to live servers.

Game designer Riot AzuBK shared the list of changes below to give players a preview of what will be coming to the League of Legends PBE soon. Each of Shaco's abilities from his passive to his ultimate are getting updated in some way, sometimes through numbers along and other times with extra effects added to make him more impactful. Goals were outlined for each ability alongside the changes to give an idea of the direction Riot is hoping to steer Shaco.

Players will notice that multiple abilities of Shaco's will benefit from his passive once the PBE changes are live. The Deceive ability that's a core part of Shaco's kit has less of a duration later on but a longer duration earlier, so expect Shaco to stay in the shadows longer if he's tracking you in your jungle.

Shaco's boxes will also be something to watch out for more than ever now that they'll attack anything around them instead of just picking one target. Once the clone from his ultimate dies, the fear from the boxes will also be instantly triggered to fear those around the clone, This means bursting a clone to get rid of it before a teamfight may no longer be the best option since it could lead to multiple teammates getting feared and therefore opening them up to a follow-up engage.

The Rioter commented on Twitter on Wednesday to say that the changes would take a while longer to appear on the PBE. They'll be ready for testing soon, but if you're a Shaco player who's interested in seeing more, be sure to check back to see if they've been adjusted before they possibly head to the live servers.