Give the Gift of Snowdown with New League of Legends Merch

League of Legends Snowdown Merch
(Photo: Riot Games)

Some new League of Legends merch that’s now available as part of the Snowdown event makes for excellent League-themed gifts or a seasonal part of your collection.

When you visit the landing page for the new Snowdown merch, the first thing that you’ll be greeted by is a huge, smiling image of Braum himself, the mustachioed support from Freljord. Braum joins other champions in the Unlocked XL series of collectibles, a group of figures that consists of sizeable, moveable statues. Unfortunately, if you’re hoping to pick up the Braum Unlocked statue right now, you’re going to have to wait a while for this one. The listing is currently only for a preorder purchase with an estimated ship date of August.

The good news is that at $85, the Braum statue is the most expensive option that you’ll find among the Snowdown merch, so everything else that you’ll be able to get sooner won’t cost you quite as much. Below are all of the Snowdown items along with their prices.

  • Braum Unlocked Figure – $85
  • Snowdown Mini Plush Set – $25
  • Poro Pin Pack – $15
  • Holiday Poro Sweatshirt – $45
  • Snow Day Gnar Sweatshirt – $45

A set of four Poro plush figures is available with three of them having magnets inside that allow them to be stacked up like a snowman. The fourth Poro comes with the set as well, but this one rides solo on a small snowboard. Another item, a set of Poro pins, includes three small pins showing off different emotions from the wintery creatures.

But if you’re looking to bundle up during the cold season with some League gear, Riot Games has you covered there as well. Three new sweatshirts – two of them different colors of a Poro sweatshirt and the other a Snow Day Gnar sweatshirt – are all available, each of them for $45 each.

One thing that’s important to keep in mind is the disclaimer at the top of the page that says if you’re ordering now, you might not receive the items before Christmas. You’ll get a free Poro ornament with every purchase though, so even if it’s a bit late, you’ll have something extra coming your way.