League of Legends is Changing the Levels Players Unlock Summoner Spells

League of Legends
(Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends has plans to change up the levels that new players unlock their Summoner Spells during the preseason period.

With all the changes that are planned for this year's preseason in League, changing up the Summoner Spell levels will likely be a change that many veteran players will skip over to hear more about the runes and base stat changes for champions. But for new players and those who are looking to make alternate accounts, expect the Summoner Spells to be unlocked at different times than they are now.

"We'll also be shifting a couple of spells so that they're introduced to the player at more appropriate times as well," Riot Meddler said in a Gameplay Thoughts post regarding the Summoner Spells. "That'll overall look like Cleanse at level 9 instead of 6 once players are a bit better placed to assess its value, Flash at level 7 instead of 8, Snowball at level 6 instead of 1 etc."

The Summoner Spells will still be staggered as they are now, however, as there aren't any plans to make the spells readily available to everyone at level 1. Having all the spells unlocked right away for every new account has been considered before, but locking the spells behind different levels appears to be the way to go.

"We're not making all Summoner spells available at level 1 however because we've seen that be a worse experience for new players, given they're focused on learning the basics of the game and Summoner spell usage, let alone Summoner spell choice, isn't very important at that point," Meddler continued.

Riot's stated their stance on smurfing previously and said that they're not keen on shutting it down since there's obviously times where players would feel it's appropriate to smurf, but Meddler added that the higher-leveled Summoner Spells like Flash and Smite do somewhat discourage smurfing.

The changes for Summoner Spells won't ship until the preseason, but there'll be tons of other changes coming along with them.




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