Next League of Legends Update Is Adding A Convenient Item Shop Feature

The next League of Legends update to be released soon is adding a feature for the Item Shop that some players might find to be quite convenient while others will ignore completely. League’s Item Shop will soon host “Starter Bundles” in its selections that’ll offer players pre-made bundles of items that the champion they’re playing most commonly starts the game with. Players who want to make specific and atypical purchases can of course do so independently, but the bundles will provide a quicker purchasing method if you’re going to get the usual starting items for a match.

League’s Gameplay Design Director Mark Yetter and Senior Experience Designer Jordan Checkman showed off the new Starter Bundles feature on Twitter prior to its release to give a preview of what it’ll look like. In the image provided below, the Starter Bundles are pretty unmissable in the shop as they take up a considerable portion of the “Recommended” section of the Item Shop. Three different bundles each classified as either “Offense” or “Defense” were shown and consist of the Doran’s items as well as however many Health Potions players can buy with their remaining money.

The champion used in the example is Warwick, a character who’d typically go in the jungle, but the pick doesn’t have Smite selected in this instance. The Starter Bundles will likely adapt to that specific Summoner Spell choice, so had Warwick brought Smite, we’d expect to see items for the Jungle in the “Suggested Items” category.

For those worried about having their Starter Bundle selections having the wrong items after being influenced by purchases made by new or low-level players, Yetter said the selected items are “hooked in to the high level player data like everything else,” so you shouldn’t be led astray there. If anything, you may become aware of some new trend that the high-level players are following before you would’ve seen it in whatever ranking your games fall under.

The new Item Shop feature is expected to release in League of Legends’ next update.