League of Legends' URF Mode Is Ending Soon

League of Legends players were treated to the long-awaited return of URF as part of Riot Games’ 10th anniversary celebration. The rapid-fire game mode was the one that players had been requesting for long time where they can pick their champions and use abilities with ridiculously low cooldowns as opposed to being stuck with a random champion and having a match decided from champion select. The game mode is going away soon though, so anyone who hasn’t played it yet or hasn’t gotten enough games in only has as short while longer to do so.

URF is scheduled to leave League’s selection of various game modes on November 9th at 7 p.m. PT, according to Riot. This means that there are only several hours left to play URF at the time this is published, but if you’ve been active in URF already, you’ll know that’s plenty of time to get in several games. Things move quickly in URF with champions and turrets being taken down left and right, so you should be able to squeeze in a few games even if you don’t play till right before the game mode departs the client.

Though it may seem like URF came and went in no time at all, it actually stuck around longer than intended. The timing of URF’s launch meant that not everybody could play it right when it was available, so Riot elected to extend the duration of URF to one day beyond its original end date. League’s Twitter accounts reminded players in different regions of the extension and told them when the game mode would end.

Even though you can pick your champion in URF, that doesn’t mean the games still won’t be decided in champion select. Some champions have stood out as the clear favorites during the time that URF’s been active, but being able to ban champions means that you can at least have some control over which abilities get slung your way.

Players have also been requesting that the game mode be kept on as a permanent one, though that happens when any game mode arrives that players are fond of. Riot has explained in the past why it doesn’t keep URF on permanently or bring it back more often, so don’t expect that to be changing just because the game mode returned for a while.