League of Legends Releases the Worlds 2019 Song

After what felt like a much longer wait than it actually was, Riot Games has now released the anthem for the League of Legends World Championship 2019 competition. Presented by Riot Records, the song is called "Phoenix" and was created with Chrissy Costanza and Cailin Russo from Against the Current. The song speaks of conquering the monsters in your head and rising from the ashes while the music video above that accompanied it shows three different players who have faced defeat in past key moments during their career.

Song "Rookie: Eui-jin from Invictus Gaming, Rasmus "Caps" Winther from G2 Esports, and Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok from SK Telecom T1 were the three players shown in the video, each of them and their respective teams in contention to win the World Championship this year. Instead of fighting against other players, the three are shown battling alternate versions of themselves while their champions – Lissandra, Irelia, and Karma, respectively – do the same.

While champions like Lissandra may not be as relevant during this year's tournament as they were before, Riot Games said the pairing of the players and the champions is meant to show the counterparts played by the characters during their moments of defeat in their career.

The release of this year's Worlds song follows repeated requests from players and fans who wondered where it was and when it would be released. As anyone who's been keeping up with the competition will already know, Worlds 2019 is already well underway. In fact, it just now completed the Play-In Groups stage as of Tuesday and will move onto the next stage where the three players shown in this video will play for the first time during the Worlds proceedings.

Faker's SKT T1 team will take the stage first in the next stage when they go up against Fnatic on October 12th. Rookie and Invictus Gaming will follow later in the day in a match against ahq e-Sports Club, and we'll have to wait until the next day to see Caps and G2 go up against GRIFFIN. You can see the full schedule here to get an idea of what the groups look like and when everyone will be playing.


Riot Games previously reassured people that the League song was still coming and that it "wasn't quite ready yet" even though people were expecting it to be out sooner. Though last year's K/DA song stole the stage at Worlds 2018, those who recall last year's event will know that the theme for that annual tournament was "Rise."