Nintendo Switch Getting Playdead's Limbo and Inside Starting Next Week


If there's one company that has the indie game formula nailed down tight, it's Playdead Games. With just two releases it's made an unforgettable name for itself, wowing audiences with the haunting Limbo and the surprisingly deep Inside. And now these two experiences will be coming to a new platform.

Per this report from Japanese publication Famitsu, Limbo and Inside will both be arriving on Nintendo Switch next week on June 28. The games haven't been priced yet, but Limbo currently goes for $9.99 on Steam; and Inside is a little higher at $29.99. There's no word yet if Playdead may offer some sort of combo deal for the two, but it's possible since it does so on other consoles.

The developer confirmed the news on Twitter today noting that both games would be released "worldwide" on the 28th and also linking the Famitsu article. You can see that tweet below.

These two games will no doubt continue to bolster the Switch's growing indie library and should be amazing experiences to those playing them for the first time. Veterans may also pick them up again as well if only to enjoy what they have to offer on the go.

Limbo is a black and white side-scrolling adventure where a young boy enters a haunting world in the hopes of finding his lost sister. Along the way, he'll have to overcome challenges in the hopes of staying alive.

Inside follows a young boy as he slowly makes his way into a government facility, solving puzzles while keeping out of harm's way including both human and alien enemies. What he finds within said facility is quite astonishing, but we'll let you discover that on your own.

Both are compelling experiences though may be a bit rough for those who get emotional with their games. We highly recommend them anyway, especially Inside. That's practically one of the best games from the last couple of years with its amazing twists and turns. (We won't dare spoil them here, though.)


You can also check out Limbo and Inside for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.