Logan Paul vs. KSI Fight Ends in a Draw

The boxing match between YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI ended with a majority draw.After hyping up [...]

The boxing match between YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI ended with a majority draw.

After hyping up the fight for the past several weeks, a fight that would see the two YouTube personalities clash in a boxing match, the fight between the two lasted six rounds as they exchanged blows in the ring. Supporters of both of the YouTubers filled the crowd and cheered the two on in the Manchester Arena. Two of the people responsible for judging the fight voted for a draw while one voted for KSI, thus ending in a "majority draw." The announcement that the match ended in a draw was met with different responses from the crowd with some cheering on their favorite YouTubers while outliers in the crowd booed the result.

At the end of the fight, Logan Paul said that he felt like he won the fight, though, the two YouTubers will meet again in the ring. A rematch was suggested by KSI at the end of the fight with Logan Paul agreeing to the offer and saying that the two would have to meet once again in another fight.

Logan Paul and KSI were the main event for the match that also consisted of Jake Paul vs. Deji, two YouTubers who are the brothers of the main combatants. Jake Paul won the first fight against Deji that led up to the final match between Logan Paul and KSI.

The only official way to watch the stream was through YouTube with the fight being sold for $10, but people found other ways to circumvent the intended streaming method. Twitch users, for example rehosted the stream themselves, just as they've done with many past events. Viewers were able to find the stream through different categories such as "Boxing Fight" and "Farming Simulator 17." Twitch has a history with not taking down these types of rehosted streams in the past, so many of the rehosted streams stayed up long enough for viewers to watch the match in full. Other events in the past such as WWE's pay-per-view events including Wrestlemania and others have been streamed through Twitch and stayed up alongside the Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather fight that at least ended with someone winning.