Lost Ark Update Adds New Class

There's a new Lost Ark update out this week, and this one comes with another class for players to utilize. That class is the Arcanist, and as its name might've suggested, it's a magic-oriented class which uses various cards as skills to inflict damage and various effects on enemies. It's considered an advanced class, but for those who want to get started with it right away, Lost Ark just happens to be running an event right now that'll bring your character up to speed quicker than we'd normally see.

This new Arcanist class exists alongside the Bard and Sorceress options in Lost Ark's cast of Mage classes. While much of its combos and intricacies will be up to players to discover, the game's creators offered a preview of the class via the Lost Ark Academy resource that includes a rundown of its skills and more so that players have something to consult while they try to master the class. The same page also contains a full list of all the deck cards the Arcanist use which will be essential knowledge for players choosing the Arcanist.

"The Arcanist's skills are split into three categories; Normal, Stacking, and Ruin. Normal skills are used to deal damage and quickly build up the Arcanist's Specialty Meter," the Academy page for the new class explained. "The other two types of skills, Stacking & Ruin, work together to build up impressive attacks. Successful attacks with Stacking skills will build up to 4 stacks on an enemy target. When a Ruin skill lands, it consumes stacks built up on the target to greater effect— creating opportunities to deal massive damage."

For those who are set on trying out the Arcanist now that it's available, you'll want to check out the Punika Powerpass option that's been added in the same update. By finishing the "Berver's Friend" quest between now and September 28th when the pass expires, you'll get the Punika Powerpass.

"The Punika Powerpass will function like the North Vern Powerpasses available to players in the launch version of Lost Ark— once you've completed the storyline through that continent, you can use it to bring an alternate character to that point in the game. With the Punika Powerpass, you'll receive Item Level 1302 gear. This is an event Powerpass that expires on September 28."

Lost Ark's new class is now available as of the game's latest update.